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Are you getting the optimum service from your Recruitment Partner?

Publish on 12:32 12/Dec/2014

I feel very strongly about the service that Job Place offers to its clients and candidates and how it racks up against the other Agencies.  Over the last couple of months I have noticed a sudden increase in candidates being ignored………not contacted about suitable positions or worse being represented by unknown consultants.

A lot of Recruitment Agencies are working in a practice that is just not ethical and definitely not providing the service to their clients and candidates alike.

Recently I was given a role to recruit for, this being a Sales Administration role for a company in central Portsmouth; the client was very specific in the skill set, qualifications and attributes required from the candidates.  They wanted someone educated to MBA level, from within the financial services sector and previous experience of working in a targeted sales administration role.

The client advised me that they had gone out to three agencies in total, Job Place included, all on the same day.  I took down the detailed job description and person specification and agreed the next plan to source candidates, even informing them of a cut off point for our applications.  The vacancy was advertised across various platforms and the responses started to role in.

This is where it starts to get interesting!

The responses to the advert was somewhat overwhelming, so I started to compile a short list of candidates that matched the prerequisites of the requirement, Qualification, Industry and Experience etc.  From my shortlist of five candidates, I telephoned each and every one to advise them that they had been shortlisted and to conduct a telephone interview with them to discuss their application.

During the telephone interview each candidate was informed as to who the hiring company was, what the role entailed and why the vacancy had come about plus all the usual benefits the company offered.  It was then agreed that the original Job Specification would be emailed over to them whilst I submit their CV’s over to the hiring manager for consideration.

I telephoned the hiring manager and advised that I was emailing over the five shortlisted CV’s for her consideration and would call back at the end of the day to discuss the next action.  Within ten minutes of the CV’s being emailed over the hiring manager was on the phone to say, that she was impressed with the quality but she had already received two of the candidates from another agency!  Bizarre as none of the candidates had told me that they had already spoke with another Agency about the role.

This prompted a telephone call to each of the candidates that had already been submitted by the other Agency.  Neither had ever heard of the hiring company’s requirements or any aspects of the role from any source.  I explained the situation to each of them and informed them that as they were clearly excellent candidates for this role, they would need to contact the other Agency that they had registered with.

Both candidates kept me in the loop as far as communication on this role was concerned.   The hiring client informed me that she would be interviewing all of the candidates, arranging two through one of the other Agencies.

I could not believe what happened next!

The two candidates both called me up as they had been contacted by another Agency, some two days after I had called them in response to their applications and were advised that they had been identified as a potential match from the Agency database for a role that the consultant was working on and that as they had such a good relationship with their client, an interview was guaranteed!!!

This whole process that some Agencies are adopting is unethical and not what the client is paying for!

In short, they are obtaining vacancies then searching for suitable matched candidates and submitting the CV to the client without communicating or obtaining authority from the candidate.  This can potentially lead to embarrassing and unprofessional situations, such as the candidate has already been interviewed by the company, is related to someone working there (This actually happens a lot) or worse still, they have identified the company as a place they cannot commute to, maybe they have worked their as a temp previously and do not wish to return.

So, is your Recruitment Partner earning their fee?  Are they informing the candidate of your exact requirement and all about your organization, working in a consultative manner with the candidate or are they just forwarding CV’s for the same price?

I know which one I would choose for my money………