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So it seems true. The jobs’ market is on the up.

Publish on 11:37 05/Dec/2014

But a word of warning for some employers……..  

Yes. Fantastic news. The jobs market is moving.

Recruiters tend to ‘get wind’ early on of movement & we’ve been pulled out since September so we can pretty confidently say in our little circle of experience, the market is on the upturn.

So is it all good news?

I think for candidates / employees & employers alike, yes.

But for some employers its worth sounding a small note of caution.

Even savvy employers have lost decent candidates recently. And of course its’ going to happen in 2015 more & more.

Employees have stuck with jobs, accepted the no pay rises & simply got their heads down & carried on. They’ve contributed, worked hard & understood that times got hard.

However they’re are now starting to realize their worth & are leaving the comfortable desks of the past 4ish years & moving on to pastures new. And the issue we’re seeing is that some employers are coming to us, wanting that level of candidate doing that level of involved job replaced. For the same salary.

It’s not happening.

So if your prized payroll / Sales Admin candidate leaves & there’s nothing you can do about it & they’ve been with you for a chunky years with minimal pay rises & you call us recruiters & give us a really low salary to work with…..please don’t feel insulted when we say we’ll struggle. As we will.

And important to remember just how fast that months’ notice goes. You’ll be wasting precious time scratching around for that bargain candidate. Doubtless candidates will pop up but they won’t be of the caliber you’re after, or indeed you’ve lost as candidates know when the market’s moving too.

And the minute applicants / candidates sense that, they want what IS the ‘market’s moving’ going rate. Not below that going rate.

So please take advice. It’s a complete waste of time to assume you can backfill a ‘4 years with no payrise’ crucial job when the word on the street is that recession is over & salaries are slightly higher. You’ve just got to face facts: you’ve got to pay the going rate for the right candidate……